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A rock hot air balloon mobile
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Let’s rock baby!

This mobile is a perfect addition to a contemporary nursery. You can use it either as a cot and crib mobile or as a ceiling mobile.

This mobile consists of 4 cotton fabric balloons and 8 felt clouds.

  • They are all hanging with fishing line strings from a wooden base.
  • The wooden base is decorated with cotton buntings.
  • The wooden base is approx. 40cm x 40cm (16in x 16in).
  • The balloons’ max diameter is approx. 12cm (4.7in) and max length approx. 20cm (7.9in).
  • The felt clouds, hand embroidered, are approx.10cm x 6cm (3.9in x 2.4in).
  • The balloons are decorated with buttons, buntings, ribbons and beads.
  • The balloons and clouds are filled with soft toy stuffing.
  • The balloon baskets are hand stitched and decorated with buttons.
  • Total mobile length approximately 65cm (26in).
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