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Greek martirika
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Let’s be modern, let’s be creative!

Our bracelets are made from nautical rope with average thickness approximately 3mm. The macrame finish allows for easy removal and length adjustment. They will perfectly fit men, women and children. Their initial length is suitable for the wrist of an adult man, but they can easily become smaller, just cut the excess rope and slightly burn the edge. The evil eye is handmade by us, out of polymer clay, its thickness is approx. 5-6mm and its length approx. 1cm. The wooden cross (natural color) is 6mm wide and 5mm thick. The variety of colors means you can mix and match them for a really impressive look. They are not affected by sea water, sun, shower etc.

Initially, we created them as martirika bracelets for baptisms (or martyrika or martirika or baptism bracelets or christening bracelets or baptism witness bracelets or…) but aren’t they lovely for party favors or simply as regular bracelets?


Our bracelets are impressive, festive, adventurous, comfortable and really easy to wear!!

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